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482 L Street, Chula Vista, CA 91911
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School Open: Monday thru Friday

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6:30 am - 8:00 am
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8:25 am- 3:00 pm
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Southwestern Christian School is entering a new phase of growth and development in an effort to provide our students and families with the best and most comprehensive educational, extracurricular, and spiritual programs. The following are new projects being developed at SWCS that your donations will be supporting:

Scholarship Fund

· It is our goal to allow as many students the opportunity to receive a rich spiritual and educational experience as possible here at SWCS. Therefore, we would like to assist certain students whose families may not be able to afford a full year’s tuition by offering them an academic or need-based scholarship to help subsidize the cost of tuition.

Computer Lab Restoration Fund ***Completed Summer 2010****

· In an effort to keep our students up to date with the latest technological skills, we must provide our students with the appropriate hardware and software necessary to provide the hands-on training that is required to develop such skills. Our vision includes replacing all 15 of our student computers with state-of-the art hardware systems along with updated software applications/programs to enhance our current curriculum.

Middle School Media Center/Elementary Library Upgrade

· Although we have limited space in our school library, it has the potential to be an incredible resource for our students and teachers at SWCS. We are looking to purchase new books and furniture for our elementary and middle school media room/library and would eventually like to purchase a barcode check-out computer system that will enable us to keep track of our library inventory.

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