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Southwestern Christian School
482 L Street, Chula Vista, CA 91911
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School Open: Monday thru Friday

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6:30 am - 8:00 am
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8:25 am- 3:00 pm
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Parental Testimonials

"If you are looking for teachers and staff that love your children like they were their own, SWCS is the place for you.

If you are looking for an atmosphere of high expectations for your child, SWCS is the place for you.

If you are looking for an atmosphere where your children are not only challenged academically by their teachers but by their fellow students, SWCS is the place for you."

Dave and Kara King
Fourth Grade Parents

"My husband and I feel truly blessed that our daughter can attend SWCS. The teachers are wonderful and are a true blessing in her life. Just about all of the school-age children in our family attend SWCS. We were especially excited about 7th and 8th grade being added!"

Echeverria Family
Fifth grade family

"I researched and visited many private schools before choosing SWCS. I am impressed with the challenging academics offered, as well as Art and Music included in everyday activities. This is my daughter's first year here and I am so happy with the education and spiritual growth my daughter is receiving. I highly recommend SWCS for all parents looking for an enriched education that instills the importance of God in their lives!"

Connie Cepeda
First grade parent

"Southwestern Christian is a truly amazing school that fosters a loving and nurturing environment. The academic curriculum is progressive and rigorous and as parents, you can't ask for a better combination."

Connie and Garrett Wesson

Sixth and Fourth grade parents

"This is my daughter's third year at SWCS and she absolutely loves it! The school provides a community of love and support through a group of exceptionally dedicated and qualified educators who implement an appealing curriculum and unique programs that cater to both the minds and souls of the children. We are so happy we found SWCS!"

Kim Vander Bie
Third grade parent

"SWCS is the best academic and spiritual learning environment for my daughter."

Sloan Family
First grade family

"The reason we came to SWCS was that our son was complaining he was bored in public school classes. They were not able to challenge him and the liberal agenda curriculum concerned us. We love the excellent teachers, staff, and faith-based curriculum. They not only challenge the students academically, but give them a good foundation for life's challenges."

Bill Hill
Sixth grade parent

"As parents, we sometimes have to make tough decisions for our children hoping they are the best. In my situation, I moved my son from a good school in Mexico to a great school which is SWCS. And I say great because SWCS has been very caring and supportive towards my child's transition and needs. I just want to thank SWCS for giving us the peace of mind and trust a parent should always have."

Judith Hill
Fifth grade parent

"We are thankful that Southwestern Christian School has provided a place for our daughters to become both grounded in their faith and excel in their learning. SWCS is doing a great job in preparing them for their continuing education."

Joe and Tina Weber
Seventh and Sixth grade parents

"As a parent in today's society, we need all the help we can get in forming our children's value system.  At Southwestern Christian, not only do our children get an awesome education, they are taught to be kind to one another and make choices in a Christian manner."

Michael Wallace
Sixth and Fifth grade parent

"SWCS was instrumental in my children's education.  The love displayed from teachers and staff is the best in San Diego.  It is a close knit group of teachers and staff members that really care about your children and family.  The class sizes are small and the instruction is amazing.  But the most important part we found was learning to balance your education with your faith.  SWCS does a great job of teaching these lessons everyday.  Your children will learn how to maintain relationships in a Christian environment with a wonderful education.  Every teacher that my children had over the period of 8 years was a wonderful experience.  It was amazing to me the bond and talent of the teachers and staff and how they all worked together.  In these unsure times of 2009-2010, I feel proud that my children got such a stable and wonderful start at SWCS."

Kimberly Norman
Former parent

"Our son has received a quality education at SWCS and he is surrounded by people who share our same values.  Our son has flourished academically and spiritually at SWCS."

Sherri Vasquez
Third grade parent

"This is our son's 5th year at Southwestern Christian and we could not be more pleased.  While we are thoroughly impressed with the level of education he is receiving in a Christian based environment, it is such a relief knowing that he is in a safe, intimate setting surrounded by caring teachers and staff.  An added blessing is that we will be a part of the SWCS family for one more year as they will be adding an 8th grade class in 2010."

Mark and Nancy Sweat
Seventh grade parents

"Thanks to the teachers and staff at SWCS, our son oves going to school everyday, strives to do his absolute best on his school work/homework, and has taken the initiative to involve himself in leadership roles and activities.  SWCS has enhanced our son's understanding and appreciation for having faith in our lives.  As parents, we love that our son has a great attitude about school and we owe many thanks to SWCS!"

Antoinette Perez
Fourth grade parent

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